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The Clothesline Project

The Clothesline Project is a compelling visual display that bears witness to the many forms of violence perpetrated against women and children. It is comprised of T-shirts designed by survivors of abuse. The project attempts to document the extent of violence against women and children. Creating and hanging a shirt on the clothesline offers survivors an opportunity to leave behind some of their pain and move to the next phase of their lives.

Thrive All The Days Of Yesterday Bring Forth The New Dawn

I love mom


Happy, ndependent. Free. Power, love. Strength. No More!

Courage, support, heart group, friendship

Me siento tranquila conmigo misma. Soy Feliz por mi. Yo Soy feliz. Hola como estan todos you estoy bien.

I feel calm with myself. I am happy for me. I am happy. Hi, how are you? Now I can say I am fine.

Hola como esta un todo

Hi how are you?

No pongan sus hjos en peligro. Si sufres de violencia recueyda: hijos y mujeres no necesitan la violencia hay ayuda para todos; buscala. Todos tenemos derecho y respeco y libres y recuerden que sin hombres tambin ser feliz y dios nos quiere y nos protégé. No más violenxia ok. Liberta para todos.

Don't put your child in danger. If you suffer from violence remember children and women don't need violence. There is help for everyone; look for it. Everyone has rights and respect and freedom and remember that without men you can be happy, and God wants us and will protect us. No more violence. Freedom for everyone.

Todos nos mevesemos ser Feliz. Quere màs un mundo libre. Soy Feliz en nuestro grupo y si lo necesitas buscalo. La palabra amor es bonita pero tenemos k saya uso lo bien y con cutelo.

I want a more free world. I am happy in our world and if you need it, look for it. The word love is beautiful but we have to use it for good and with caution.

Si, se puede! Pide para ayuda. Hay apoyo.

Yes you can! Ask for help. This is support.

Don't beat the love out of me...Hope...Respect...Beat a ball...balloon...I've got a heart...Love, Count and ask for HELP...

I am healthy, healed and whole! I deserve all good in my live and that includes prosperity. Everyone Deserves. I am a loving and good person and I have a right to my feelings. I count. "A healthy ear can tolerate hearing sick words." My friends are mutually loving and supportive! The love I give out returns to me multiplied. Every hand that touches me is a healing HAND. My feelings are just feeling, nether good not bad. I love and accept myself EXACTLY as I am!

Think about the kids. They have feelings too!!! "Ow. Help!" "Mama, I'm scared!" "Don't worry mommy always loves you! (sniff)"

I have survived. Live, love, learn. Reach out 4 help. Hope is right around the corner. I have feelings too!

Your abuse drove me...Over the deep end...I lost myself...Shame. Anger. But...I'm still alive...And happy again...You brought me down. Without you I'm back on top. I hate you...But I love you...You opened my eyes!!!